Meet Perfect Packet

Perfect Packet is a VMware SD-WAN™ by VeloCloud® preferred partner, and we ensure our customers get vetted, tested, and proven system solutions.

Our initial live demo shows actual data moving across the network so you can see firsthand how SD-WAN technology works.

Once you partner with us, we handle everything on your behalf so your network is optimized and runs as smoothly as possible – from installation to ongoing network management.

Carriers Cannot Deliver Like We Do

Most carriers don’t have the manpower to provide ongoing system management and support. But we do.


We bring an experienced, knowledgeable staff of technical experts to help implement SD-WAN for all your locations, whether local, regional, or global.

Then our engineers, implementation experts, and support teams offer their expertise every step of the way and stand by you – providing comprehensive SD-WAN management.

Seeing Is Believing


Our live environment demos allow you to see actual data transmissions in real time, which serves as an insurance policy for you during your vetting process of us. We’ll not only describe in great detail the network functionality, but also show actual transmissions, so you can make an informed decision and gain peace of mind.

Our sales and support teams are always available during the process to answer any questions you have and provide ongoing customer support.


Key Benefits We Deliver:

Typical 40% savings
over MPLS

Very short installation time

Full-portal access
for system changes

Up-to-date software releases

Access to all VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud
gateways for much improved latency

Perfect Packet History


Perfect Packet was established in 2019 and was certified as a VeloCloud® SD-WAN Preferred Partner in the same year. Our customer base continues to grow, so come aboard and experience a finely-tuned network you’ll be proud to promote.

Want to offload your network management burden and enjoy an always-on connection across every location?

Get started today by scheduling your complimentary discovery call and live demo.

Customers who have grown with SD-WAN include: